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Frances Hodgson Burnett -Hardcover –by Phyllis Bixler

June 9, 2016

Format: Hardcover
“For readers who are interested in Burnett’s novels for adults, Bixler’s work is a very good companion volume to Ann Thwaite’s “Waiting for the Party”.
Divided into several sections and including a chronology, Bixler summarizes Burnett’s most famous works plus her lesser known novels and plays. Special attention is given to Burnett’s novel “Through One Administration”, which was much lauded in its day for its insight and plausibility (and the fact that it did not have a guaranteed happy ending).
Along with providing brief but concise biographical data on Burnett (heavily citing Thwaite), Bixler’s work is a helpful and informative source for readers interested in the artist’s personal, as well as professional, life.” Review By Annette Hrisko-Allen on September 8, 2002