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SEEK and FIND: Hidden Blessings

November 28, 2016

skipping rope (1)“Martha, handing her the skipping-rope said,

“You can’t skip a hundred at first, but if you PRACTICE you’ll mount up.”

As a kid, I loved the “Hidden Pictures” page in the Scholastic Highlights Magazine. As soon as it hit our mailbox, I would flip directly to that page and stare intently at the drawn picture.

“It that one?” I wondered.

One glance beside this picture, would reveal the list of items that were hidden…and away I went searching.

The first few times it took me quite a while to spot the pencils, shovel, and whatnot hidden in the folds of the girl’s dress or the bark of the tree. But, over time, with practice, I could find all of the hidden things within minutes of the magazine’s arrival.

And the same goes for trying to find the hidden blessing in your own days. It takes practice. But in time, you will know just where to look. Perhaps you will find it in jumping in a puddle instead of simply complaining about the rain. Or maybe you will see that being sick is a great reason for some much needed rest and a day to just read.

I consider myself someone who typically sees good in everything. If  you tell me you stepped in dog poop, I will remind you of the Joy of Puppy Breath. But sometimes, even this self proclaimed Sunshine Blower gets frustrated and fails to find the joy in all things.

So when a friend of mine posted these words the other day, I took it as a personal challenge.


My training began immediately that morning, while I was still motivated.  When I hit the first bump…I chose the high road, found the blessing, and did my best to stay focused…at least at first I did.

The result of the first 10 minutes of  my “See the Blessings” TRAINING,  culminated in a personal letter from me to a spider.

I hope you Enjoy!

Dear Spider,

We have never met, but our paths cross daily. 

And while I love your tenacity and “Never Give Up” spirit, please know that I too was raised with this same spirit.

And despite the fact that you CONTINUE to spin one, single, infuriating strand across the footbridge I walk across every day to get chicken food, I will no longer curse you when my forehead is met with your sticky silk.

I will instead choose to celebrate our kindred spirits and remember that you too, are just trying to go somewhere. Perhaps you are headed to feed your own children or maybe you are headed to work on your web-site(ha-ha)…and my forehead is just a reminder of your daily commutes.

blessings are everywhere (1)BUT, on the off chance that you sit nearby each day watching and chuckling as I am somehow surprised again by your invisible strand…BE ON NOTICE.

If I hear your giggle once…just once, I am calling the exterminator and perhaps a psychologist.

Spin on my tenacious friend.

Spin On,
Keri Wilt

I wrote this letter on my phone while giggling to myself a bit. Ah…do you see it….there it is…THE BLESSING. 


Giggling with our eyes wide open….ready to see the blessings around us,

FHB and Especially Me


Where can you PRACTICE and look to find a new blessing today?

Try that place you would least expect it. It’s in there…can you see it?