FHB Timeline

Central Park Statue of Dickon and Mary

1937: Central Park Dedication

"In The Garden"

1925: Final Book Published

Frances 1921

1924: Dead at 74

Steamship Travel

1914: Crossed the Atlantic for the 33rd Time

1911: Published The Secret Garden

A Little Princess & Sara Crew Books

1905: Published “A Little Princess”

Flag Postcard 1900's

1905: US Citizenship

Second Husband: Stephen Townsend

1900: Married Her Second Husband

Divorced Swan Burnett

1898: Divorced the Father of Her Children and Her Business Manager

Mourning Locket for son Lionel

1890: Son Lionel Dead at 16

Pictured here for a story in Men and Women of the Day, 1888

1888: Frances protects British Authors

Little Lord Fauntleroy: Birch illustration

1886: Published Little Lord Fauntleroy

That Lass O'Lowrie's

1877: Published Her First Book

Vivian Burnett

1876: My Great-Grandfather was born

Lionel Burnett

1874: Became a mother

Swan Burnett

1873: Married the Boy Next Door

Godey's Lady's Book

1868: First Story Published

Ballou's Monthly Magazine

1868: Submitted first story to an editor

Cabinet Print of Lillias Buist at her dame school in 1865, the type of school Frances attended.

1865: End of her formal education


1865: Moved to US from England

This image is of a fashion plate dated 1863

1853: Began “telling stories”

Picture of the type of business Frances father would have sold his goods to.

1852: Father dies of a stroke

R is for Roses

1852: Received her First Book

View of Manchester 1850 by Lenz

1849: Born in England