The Dirt on Her Famous Classic Books

June 3, 2016

BOOK US to Speak about ANY or ALL of these famous classics!

The Secret Garden, Little Lord Fauntleroy or A Little Princess


  • Give you all the “dirt” on The Secret Garden, a “little” bit of background on Little Lord Fauntleroy, and help you find the “jewels” of wisdom in A Little Princess.
  • Fill you in on her life, one of the best stories ever written.  There’s money, drama, adventure, intrigue, fashion, famous friends, lawsuits, generosity, exotic locations, death, beauty, divorce, successes, failures…and of course a bit of earth.
  • And expore how to life a life in FULL  BLOOM.

Invite us to come and it will be engaging, informative, and always in FULL BLOOM!

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