Speaking Of: FHB and Me

August 7, 2017

“Frances had always hoped to be spared three things-


drowning and

being obliged to make a speech.”

Waiting for the Party, Ann Thwaite

Frances and I are completely aligned when it comes to our fears of drowning. Did you know that the odds of dying from an unintentional drowning are 1 in 1,188!

This is exactly why I HATE to fly over bodies of water…rivers, lakes, oceans…ALL of them. I have this insane fear that if we crash into said water, that I will have to wait as the water rises slowly in the cabin. And while it rises, I will have to keep my lips pursed above me, sucking in the little bit of air trapped near the ceiling. Then when it finally fills up completely, I will then be forced to essentially “breathe in” the water…thus choosing and causing my own death.

No thank you. Nope. Not me.

Luckily the odds of dying in a plane crash are 1 in 11 Million, so I think I am probably good.

Frances lost me a bit though on her other two fears: hanging and speaking.

First, I can’t honestly say that I have never thought at all about the potential of being hanged.  Now, would I love to bypass being “hung up” on those stubborn 10 lbs and wrinkles, or be spared getting “caught in the noose” of my own busy schedule?  YES, but I don’t think that is what she was talking about.

Then there is this…I have always enjoyed public speaking– even graduating with a degree in it over 20 years ago. (Full disclosure: This was only after I got a C in my English class and decided to quit writing.) This degree has served me well, and I have been given many opportunities to speak throughout my careers and community involvement roles.

So when I first began dreaming of FHB and Me, I pictured it as more of a public speaking thing, versus a blog or a book.  I hadn’t written a word since college and was fearful and tentative at best about whether I really could” write anymore. I was confident, however, that I could tell my stories on stage.

On the other hand, Frances, who began telling stories as soon as she could talk, was clearly confident behind the pen, writing more than 60 books, 1000 short stories and 15 plays. She was fearful and tentative about her skills at the podium telling one of her early crowds,

“I am torn between two emotions-

one is the hope that I shall be able to make you hear me;

the other the fear that it might be better for me

and for you, if you could not.”

I am sure her self-deprecating sense of humor was endearing to the crowd and over time Frances’s speaking improved greatly.  It still seems that although she was met with standing ovations from her audiences worldwide, she never grew to love public speaking.

Luckily for Frances…she doesn’t have to stand on the stage alone anymore. Through FHB and Me, we get to combine our efforts and speak together!  Her words + my stories make for a magical experience, perfect for audiences from 7 to 70.  Here we are below, speaking together to over 125 women at Lucky Star Art Camp together last fall about how to live their best lives in FULL BLOOM.


From Keynotes to Classrooms and Book Clubs to Backrooms,

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Learn about one of the best stories ever written.

Her life was one of the best stories ever written. 

There’s money, drama, adventure, intrigue, fashion, famous friends, lawsuits, politicians, slander, generosity, exotic locations, death, beauty, divorce, successes, failures…and of course a bit of earth.

Your audience will stayed tuned in for each installment of…As Her World Turns…and leave inspired to live life like Frances…in FULL BLOOM!

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Get Inspired to BLOOM under any condition.

Your audience will be inspired by the messages found in The Secret Garden that will show them how to:

  • Seek out their abandon dreams.
  • Unlock the doors that keep them hidden.
  • Plant seeds of change.
  • And tend them to full bloom!

Reading The Secret Garden is NOT necessary because we tell the story as we speak, so no one will be left in the dark…but be transported to a beautiful walled garden in FULL BLOOM.

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  • Fill you in on her life, one of the best stories ever written.  There’s money, drama, adventure, intrigue, fashion, famous friends, lawsuits, generosity, exotic locations, death, beauty, divorce, successes, failures…and of course a bit of earth.
  • And explore how to life a life in FULL  BLOOM.

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Writing & Speaking together,

FHB and Especially Me