Welcome to the adventures of FHB and Me!

She’s my Great-Great Grandmother, Frances Hodgson Burnett,  famous writer of memorable books like The Secret Garden, Little Lord Fauntleroy and A Little Princess and I’m a 40-something, mother of two, creative soul, stumbling through life with a pen in one hand and a garden spade in the other.

Come along for the fun as I blow the book dust off her inspiring words and legendary life, then mix them with my personal stories for a multi-generational twist on the everyday.

"If you love The Secret Garden, the Sunshine on Your Face after Days of Endless Rain,

Friends who Tell you the Truth, or Dreaming in Full Color,

I think you are going to Like it Here." 

This is a PROJECT in PROGRESS, so stay tuned for so much more than just a weekly blog!  Coming Soon: More Merchandise, Book Clubs, Speaking Events, and if it all goes like the BIG dream in my head…several new books inspired by FHB but written by ME!

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My Stories Inspired By Her Quotes

Seasons Come, Seasons Go

August 22, 2016

You know it's coming...the season will end, but are you really ever ready?

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My Stories Inspired By Her Quotes


June 26, 2017

Ah...don't you just love it when the sun comes out after endless days of rain? The change is felt in every fiber of my being as the warmth of the sun soaks deep into my soul. I welcome this kind of change...but I must admit, I am not always so open. "Change is good. Change is GooD. Change is GOOD." I find myself repeating this mantra to myself lately because my beloved, predictable, school day routines have been temporarily replaced by wayward summer days.  And while I love the adventure of it all, the impromptu drive for ice cream, vacations with our toes in the sand, and more...I have to remind my structure loving heart that change really IS good.

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A Little About Me

Before there was FHB and Me, there was SHE.

Before FHB and Me, there was SHE

August 15, 2016

You were the trailblazer that kept the fires lit for FHB so I could come light my sparklers from them.

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My Stories Inspired By Her Quotes


February 20, 2017

There is nothing like being knocked on your butt by fear to remind you that this life is a precious GIFT....and something we GET TO DO just once.

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My Stories Inspired By Her Quotes

My Garden Meltdown

July 31, 2017

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