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She’s my Great-Great Grandmother, Frances Hodgson Burnett,  famous writer of memorable books like The Secret Garden, Little Lord Fauntleroy and A Little Princess and I’m a 40-something, mother of two, creative soul, stumbling through life with a pen in one hand and a garden spade in the other.

Come along for the fun as I blow the book dust off her inspiring words and legendary life, then mix them with my personal stories for a multi-generational twist on the everyday.

"If you love The Secret Garden, the Sunshine on Your Face after Days of Endless Rain,

Friends who Tell you the Truth, or Dreaming in Full Color,

I think you are going to Like it Here." 

This is a PROJECT in PROGRESS, so stay tuned for so much more than just a weekly blog!  Coming Soon: More Merchandise, Book Clubs, Speaking Events, and if it all goes like the BIG dream in my head…several new books inspired by FHB but written by ME!

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From Our Book Club

CAPTURING: Head-Bob Moments

October 23, 2017

I don't just HAPPEN to remember things when I learn them. I have to WORK at remembering. It is how I am I was made. And it wasn't until college that I FINALLY figured out that: I am a "see it-say it-write it" kind of girl. And recently I have found a way to help me remember the goodness I am learning from books, podcasts, lectures and more.

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My Stories Inspired By Her Quotes

ROCKS IN MY POCKETS: Remembering the Joy & Goodness

November 14, 2016

Good things happen every day. And we think we won't forget, but sometimes, when the pain, overwhelming issue, negative thought, or aching heart is staring me right in the face..I struggle to remember the good.

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My Stories Inspired By Her Quotes

I AM: A Work of Art

September 18, 2017

What if we all stepped back and viewed ourselves today as a WORK OF ART? Could we begin to see ourselves and our lives as individual Masterpieces-in-Progress…instead of something that needs to be finished, be perfected, be corrected, or be as good as the other artists, moms, friends, or wives we know?

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My Stories Inspired By Her Quotes

I AM: A Good Mom

September 11, 2017

I immediately felt better after reading that the "best mother ever", Susan Sowerby from The Secret Garden, got moithered (synonyms: bothered, fed up, bewildered) when the kids became wild after being stuck inside due to rain. "Yes!" my inner mom shouted. This one simple sentence about a fictional super-mom was so comforting because sometimes...I wonder if it's just me...alone, bewildered and teetering too often on the edge of implosion in my mom-ness. Read more in today's blog: I AM: A Good Mom

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My Stories Inspired By Her Quotes

I AM: A Choice

April 24, 2017

How many of you have let that voice of fear stop you from doing something BIGGER than you thought you could be or do? Who will you CHOOSE to Listen to Today?

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